Is Dyslexia Holding You Back?

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Communicating Clearly?

Studies show that there’s nothing wrong with the Dyslexic brain, but the brain has low activity in some areas.  Strengthening these areas in the brain will improve your life at home, work, and school.

We have a treatment to ignite the “sleepy” parts of the brain. Once ignited, the brain’s ability to read, write, spell, and communicate is “turned on.” This will alleviate the symptoms of Dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

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People Say

My daughter is doing great. The two things that I would consider milestones for her after BIT:
1. She passed her reading EOG on the first try! And not only passed it but ACED it! She was just 2 points below the highest level possible, and this is the first year she has not had to re-take it.
2. We drove to the beach in July, and she read a novel - start to finish - during that drive! This is absolutely unheard of for her. She still doesn't read much for pleasure, and maybe never will, but at least now she knows that she can.