Crossinology® Reasearch

Crossinology® Research

Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique (BIT) was developed by Susan McCrossin at the Learning Enhancement Center. Susan McCrossin wrote several research papers from her research at the Swinburne University in Melbourne which involved very sophisticated EEG studies of the brain. She also has extensive clinical experience seeing profound results with many thousands of cases over the past seventeen years.

Crossinology BIT is a proven method, backed by research including a 64-point electrode study called “Effect of the Brain Integration Technique (BIT) on Cortical Activity, Auditory Short-term Memory Performance and Reading Comprehension.” by Susan McCrossin, AP

"Breaking the Learning Barrier"

Susan McCrossin published a book, Breaking the Learning Barrier: Eradicating ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia, which describes the treatment, her research, and includes many testimonials. The book is available at our office or online.

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Wes Beach

Crossinology® Brain Integration Practitioner

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